Oddity Battery

The Oddity is a Dual Atomizer Beast!
Enjoy a big blast of Your Favorite CBD Liquid.
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Auto Draw Feature

Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Dimension: 29.5 X 15.5 mm

Supported resistance range: 0.3-2.6 Ω

Charging Current: 650 mA


Conventional Parameters

    • Battery Capacity

    • Dimension

      29.5 X 15.5 mm
    • Supported resistance range

      0.3-2.6 Ω
    • Charging Current

      650 mA
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Mod Specification

Resistance: 0.3-2.6Ω
Size: 29.5 X 15.5 X 86 mm


Three Options for Voltage

The Oddity can be adjusted to three different constant voltage settings. Click on the left switch to enjoy vaping at 2.8V. Click the right switch to vape at 3.1V. Press both buttons at the same time for a powerful 3.1V vape.

Press both buttons, the highest voltage will be activated.
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