The Epic kit from Imoto is made of the Fatty cartridge and Epic battery, the Fatty cartridge uses our tested and patented ceramic coil technology for great extract oil vaporization, and the Epic battery is a compact battery ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

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Imoto Epic

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Imoto Epic
Imoto Epic



Battery Capacity: 650 mAh

Cartridge Capacity: 1.0 ml

Atomizer Resistance: 0.7 ohm

Micro USB Charging: 5V/500 mA

Filling: Easy top-filling

Coil Styles: Single Vertical Ceramic Coil

Coil Material: Ceramic + Kanthal

Imoto Epic

Patented Coil Technologies Available

Siamesed Dual Ceramic Coils

The Fatty Dual Coil doubles your pleasure with lung ripping vape. Designed to deliver  that big hit that people desire. We’ve tested the coil hundreds of times with different testers, and as the testers of the dual coils, they all agree, that the Fatty Dual Coil delivers the goods. Along with the huge airflow delivery system, IMOTO has integrated a patented anti-leak, anti-clog feature to insure hassle free performance. We know your oil costs a pretty penny so we worked endlessly to give the Fatty the best performance possible.

Imoto Epic

Revolutionary Threefold Leak-proof Design

The Fatty Tank has a uniquely designed airflow system that not only provides exception airflow unrivaled for small tank systems, but also has a multi-channeled airflow design that prevents oil leakage by capturing it in the inner chambers. To further help in the common leaking issues found in these small tanks, IMOTO also incorporated a dense top and bottom cotton layer to prevent leakage from either end of the tank. To take it one step further, we installed an airflow shield on the outside to help direct and minimize a direct airflow, thus reducing backpressure. Combine all this together and you have an industry leading tank with great airflow, and no leaking or flooding.

Imoto Epic

IMOTO offers two different installation methods for the mouth piece to the tank. We offer OEM locking caps for single use/disposable tanks, and there is a threaded mouthpiece that can be reused if that is what you need.

Multiple drip tip options

We provide different drip tips to fully meet your customization needs. Along with our standard stainless steel drip tips, we also supply ceramic and delrin drip tips with different colors, and different shapes (round or flat) options.


Manual and Automatic Activation Mode

The Epic can be used to vape either by pressing the fire button or inhaling without pressing the button, you are free to choose any method you like, no need to switch from one mode to the other.

Imoto Epic
Imoto Epic